Beast KIngdom Winnie The Pooh Piggy Bank Large

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Beast Kingdom


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Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.

Just as Winnie The Pooh enjoys saving his honey, so can his fans now when saving money! Bit by bit, we save to reach our goals!

Disneys classic Winnie The Pooh, is ready with Beast Kingdoms Entertainment Experience Brand to start helping kids and adults alike to save their money, whilst also looking very cute! The VPB-011 Winnie The Pooh Large Piggy Bank is a high quality, large figure that doubles as your very own home bank.

The innocent looking Pooh is laid back in a relaxed, lazy pose, sporting his favorite red shorts and giving a warm smile that will melt any collector's heart!

Feel confident when Pooh is fed with your hard earned money that he will store them safely and securely. The wonderfully cute decoration and piggy bank is ready to adorn your desk and start saving for you as well, so order yours from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today!

Product Measurements: H* 34.7 cm

Product Material: Vinyl